[Solved] - Lounges and other stuff

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Butt Plug [Solved] - Lounges and other stuff

مُساهمة  I Am Josh في 2012-02-28, 18:18

First off, I have an idea of lounges for ranked people.
V.I.P Lounge: This is a private lounge for Donators (Which I still think should be called V.I.P Smile ) Also, Loyal Members get access to these. Of course, staff do too.
Staff Lounge: All Staff get access to these.
Moderator Lounge: Lounge for mods+ where we can, for example, discuss ideas that are not yet to be revealed.
Administrator Lounge: Being the top staff, Admins need a place where they can talk amongst themselves.

New Ranks(Yes)
Platinum V.I.P/Donator: One who has donated over $80 (or $100??) in his time on the site. They will get some special things of which I can't think of at the moment.
-I Am Josh
I Am Josh
I Am Josh

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Butt Plug رد: [Solved] - Lounges and other stuff

مُساهمة  Pilus في 2012-02-28, 18:24

Will be making the sections below soon.

V.I.P Lounge

Staff Lounge

Moderator Lounge

Admin Lounge


There is already a donator rank and we dont plan on releasing another type of donator rank any time soon.

UPDATE - There will be no moderator section since moderators are apart of the staff.

There will also be no donator section because we do not have any donators as of now.


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معاينة صفحة البيانات الشخصي للعضو

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